Brighten up your game

John Dent

16 August 2021

Callaway’s Chrome Soft & Chrome Soft X golf balls are already heralded for their performance from tee-to-green, but adding a Truvis pattern means you can keep an eye on your ball in the air and find it easier on the ground.

Truvis ball on the tee
Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls

Losing your ball is one of the most frustrating parts of playing golf, so surely we should jump at any opportunity to reduce this? Callaway are doing this in more ways than one. Firstly, the consistent flight of Chrome Soft helps you keep the ball in play more regularly, while the Truvis pattern makes the ball look bigger at address; helping inspire more confidence than a standard ball.

Less dropped shots and less lost balls that you have to replace.

But, of course, things can still go wrong from time to time. In this case, the Truvis pattern makes it much easier to find your ball in the long grass. That means less dropped shots and less lost balls that you have to replace. Pretty smart, if you ask us!

Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls

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