FlightScopeFlightScope Launch Monitor / Studio

Here at at La Grande Mare Golf Academy we’ve invested in the best launch monitor available; FlightScope X2.

FlightScope X2 was the world's first completely wireless, battery-operated, 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf. The X2 is known for its unmatched accuracy, affordability, and revolutionary apps.

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Features at a Glance


  • 27 Unique Measurements
  • Ball Launch & Flight Data
  • Club & Swing Information
  • Endless Fun


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Here at La Grande Mare Golf Academy we charge…

Bogey (3 Lessons)*3 x 30 mins£27 per lesson
Par (6 Lessons)*6 x 30 mins£25 per lesson
Birdie (10 Lessons)*10 x 30 mins£23 per lesson
Eagle (20 Lessons)*20 x 30 mins£21 per lesson
Albatross (25 Lessons)*25 x 30 mins£20 per lesson
Members 30 Min Lesson*30 mins£30
Members 60 Min Lesson*1 hr£55
Members Playing Lesson*tbc£80
Non-Members 30 Min Lesson30 mins£35
Non-Members 60 Min Lesson1 hr£65
Non-Members Playing Lessontbc£95

* refers to lessons/packages available to members only


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